Toilet Humour Games

There’s nothing like a good old toilet game to remind us that no matter how fantastic we think we all are we all have to do the same thing – poo!

If you happen to be one of those humble few in today’s society who don’t consider themselves above everyone else these games will naturally appeal to you more than the snotty kind.

Don’t S**t Your Pants

Toilet Humour Games

Whatever you do listen to the game’s title for goodness sake! We’ve all been there, we need to take a crap real badly but we’ve forgotten how to pull down our pants and sit on the toilet – well maybe at least when we have had a few too many at the local pub. Well in this game you are not drunk, the guy simply needs your instructions on how to open the door and let one go!

Who know’s why he is so dumb but it’s not your job to question his basic level of intelligence, instead it is your job to guide him quickly to the bog before he craps in his pants.

This is in essence an escape game and although it is very short the idea is very novel. Try it for yourself – play Don’t Shit Your Pant’s at Kong.

Rocket Toilet 1 and 2

Did you know toilets can fly? Well they can and if you sit on this particular toilet you will be heading for the stars in no time whilst taking a crap. Just strap your behind onto the toilet seat and prepare to launch!

There are many launch games out there featuring everything from flightless penguins firing off into the sky with rockets to turtles getting blown out of canons. But did anyone realise there’s now two titles where a bog standard man (mind the pung!) prepares for launch on a bog?

Both Rocket Toilet 1 and 2 follow the same premise as every other launch game, see how high and how far you can fly and then use the cash earned to upgrade your launch pad and toilet.

What we really love about the Rocket Toilet games are the upgrades with some really audacious launch pad designs and accessories for your toilet – just check out the picture above for an example. We won’t get into too much detail about the game because we’d prefer you atleast try one of the two out for 10 minutes and see what you think – you can catch both titles at Pants Games and Armor Games.