Colossatron Mobile Game Review



You know a robot means business when it’s called Colossatron. Likewise, you know that when you’ve got a robot called Colossatron roaming around unfettered and unsupervised in your city, that there’s going to be a hell of a lot of destruction. This is the whole point of Colossatron, a game from Halfbrick Studios with a unique visual style and a surprisingly different set of mechanics to the developer’s previous light-hearted titles. Instead of directly controlling Colossatron himself however, your aim is instead to feed the surly, slithering Colossatron with a stream of power nodes to help keep the destruction going. It makes for an altogether different feel of gameplay, and it is far from being the least entertaining city-destroyer on the block.


Colossatron doesn’t go for the regular approach to its gameplay, which would be to have the player controlling the movements and attacks of Colossatron it/himself. Instead, the game has a more tactical and calculated edge, requiring you instead to take responsibility for feeding power to Colossatron’s body as well as manage its individual sections’ firepower, armour, and other such considerations. 

The giant, snake-like robot will grow as he flails about each city (much like the giant worm in Death Worm), destroying more and more things in his path and in turn earning you more money. It can be very fun to swap out and upgrade the different-coloured parts, but the real beauty is in combing the various parts in order to make new weapons or increase the robot’s healing capabilities. Same-coloured nodes can be combined to create a single node of the same type but more powerful. You can also combine a red and a blue, for example, which results in the appearance of healing bots around Colossatron.


Colossotron: Action

Though you may be tempted to try and consolidate all of your nodes with other nodes in an indiscriminate fashion, you’ll soon learn that there are more tactics to the gameplay than this. You will need to tailor Colossatron’s powers to the situation currently befalling him. If you’re under heavy enough attack, it’s useless simply mixing your nodes at random – you need to attempt to increase his defences, or alternatively ramp up his healing capabilities  by combining the appropriate nodes.

In addition to the tactical aspects, there are also a number of power-ups and upgrades to be found around each of the levels as well. There’s also the between-level upgrading to be done, though this requires that you spend some of the cash you either earnt during the levels themselves or by purchasing the currency with your own cash. There are two forms of currency as well: coins and prisms. Prisms are of course the premium currency and are therefore rarer to find just lying around in each level.


The most striking aspect of the entire Colossatron experience isn’t its gameplay however, but the way it is presented. Halfbrick Studios’ previous titles have always had a unique visual style (Fruit Ninja being the most obvious to point out here), and Colossatron continues this trend. It has a very striking cartoon-like appearance, looking more like a cal-shaded masterpiece than a mere app on the app store. It’s a little like Fruit Ninja in this respect, but because of the premise everything feels a little darker and a little more grown-up.

Colossatron, therefore, is somewhat of an excellent choice if you’re after a destruction game that can de-stress you to the max. It’s a shame you can’t have direct control of the robot, even temporarily, but the innovative node-based gameplay is arguably more tactical than just controlling a massive robot’s movements around a city. It is recommended you visit the official Colossatron page therefore, for a closer look at the visual style and to download the game for your mobile.