Beat Your Boss 4 Android Review

Beat Your Boss 4

You’ll find no shortage of violent games acting as virtual stress-balls for the tightly wound among us, but there really aren’t many to be found that truly stand out in terms of features or gameplay. Beat the Boss 4, the third sequel in the extensive Beat the Boss series, is more than just your usual click-and-smash affair. It encompasses entire cities to explore (10 maps in all) in search of the best method to lay the absolute smack down on various bosses.

With upgrades and customisation options also running to the next working week and beyond as well as well over 100 weapons to choose from, it’s safe to say that Beat Your Boss 4 isn’t just a game worth reviewing: it’s a game worth every hour of the time you’ll inevitably put into it.


Beat the Boss 4 certainly stands ahead of all of its flash-based rivals and indeed many similar mobile titles with its relatively complex gameplay. While games like the official Whack Your Boss are limited to just one room with very simple mechanics, Beat the Boss 4 involves a more complex system with an entire city for you to navigate around as well as a huge number of different bosses and bossy-type characters to choose for your violent exploits.

Once you’ve chosen (or unlocked) your particular boss it’s then up to you to choose from your available weapons. At the start, you’ll be restricted to a more basic set of weapons with which to beat your chosen boss with, but you’ll soon find that you will unlock a wider variety as you earn points and collect.

Weapons and Bosses

Now, there is a serious amount of content waiting for you in Beat the Boss 4, mainly in the form of bosses and weapons to choose from. The bosses are to be found all over the city working in various establishments, each with their own particular stats. There’s 180 or so bosses to choose from altogether – that’s a serious number of bosses to choose from, making this game one of the most boss-heavy you’re likely to find.

When it comes to weapons, Beat the Boss 4 also doesn’t disappoint. As mentioned previously, your initial selection is restricted to more basic weapons such as the pencil, though this can be extremely fun in itself as you throw pencils at the boss until they penetrate and kill him or her. As you hurt your boss, money will fly out of him or her which you can use to purchase more impressive and powerful weapons later on. These improved weapons range from a variety of guns through to grenades and even air strikes.

Design and Conclusion

Now, one has to admit that Beat Your Boss 4 isn’t the most attractive-looking of game. Compared to the sublime graphics of fellow violent/gory/stress-relief game Surgeon Simulator, the graphics are very basic. Some effort has clearly  gone into the unique designs of each of the bosses, weapons, and different areas of the city, but it still feels like quite a basic approach to illustration, In fact, it looks only a little better than your average flash game. Still, the sound effects are quite entertaining as well as varied depending on which weapon you’re using, but again, the sounds aren’t that polished or slick, and the timings/cues are a bit off when you’re throwing multiple pencils or shooting multiple projectiles at your boss.

Still, these minor design setbacks aren’t going to worry the majority of this game’s potential audience, who are largely looking for casual anger-venting, stress-relieving fun. This is exactly what Beat the Boss 4 provides here and its developers, Game Hive, are fully aware of the kind of audience they’re catering to, making this a solid angry-game hit.

Download Beat Your Boss 4 for Android.