A Different Kind of Stress Relief: Whack Your Ex

A Different Kind of Stress Relief: Whack Your Ex

There are simply days when we all need a little extra something to help us vent out. Some may spend the night drinking away with friends. Others may resort to burying themselves in work. There are those who prefer to sit down and seek out the help of professionals. But for many us, there are moments when we really just need to let go of those nasty little feelings we have inside; and for that, we have found an excellent mini game: Whack Your Ex!

This is not a game about earning top scores or finishing long quests. This is all about you and venting out that frustration in ways you would not do in the real world. The game is simple, it provides you with a lineup of items that the guy or girl character uses to inflict various forms of cartoon violence on the other gender, all you need to do, is click.

Here is our Quick Guide to the Game

Items for the Girls:

Blue Gift Box – The ex-boyfriend holds up the content of the blue gift box: a pair of boxing gloves! The girl then promptly puts them on and begins to jab and hook the guy into the floor.

Red Car – The red car picks up the girl, and she kisses the driver before riding off. From outside the screen, the ex-boyfriend is shot as he realizes the identity of the driver.

Couch – The ex-boyfriend happily runs towards the couch to watch some TV, in the meanwhile, the girl whips out a rocket launcher and fires three times for explosive results: destroying the TV, the guy and the couch –in that order.

Fists – This is a good old fashioned beat down; the girl starts punching away at the guy until he falls on the floor as a helplessly bloody heap; simple and very satisfying to watch.

Switch – The girl toggles the lever on the switch which summons a giant hungry shark from above which quickly devours the ex-boyfriend.

Statue – A magical doppelganger of the girl appears and the two start making out in front of the ex-boyfriend. At first, he is startled, but as the snogging continues, he finds himself entranced. And when a door magically appears to block the view, he peeks in through the keyhold. Anticipating this, the girl suddenly pulls out a knife and pushes it through the keyhole stabbing out the guy’s eye!

Handle – Quick, simple, but also very messy. This item is actually the handle of a very small and shapr dagger which the girl uses to decapitate her ex. Headless, the ex’s body starts running aimlessly like beheaded chicken.

Credit Card – The girl’s clothes suddenly become grand looking and she whips out a credit card to show her ex where she got the new threads. As the ex-boyfriend realizes the his money was used, she jumps on her newly bought car and runs him over.

Items for the guys:

Poop – the guy sudden arms himself with a poo-gun and pelts the ex-girlfriend full of excrement. A little gross, maybe, but it is also very hilarious.

Heart-shaped Gift – This little gift hides a double surprise. First a spring mounted pie smashes into the face of the girl, second a massive blade pop out of the box to decapitate her!

Pink Giftbox – The ex-girlfriend is quick to grab this gift for herself and open it. But once she takes out the contents, the takes them and wear it for himself: a protective helmet and a fancy red jetpack. He then turns the thrusters towards his ex and lifts off, incinerating her in the process.

White Shoe – The guy waves, smiles and beacons happily –to which the ex-girlfriend eagerly responds to. But the guy ignores the ex, he is actually calling out a hot blonde offscreen; the blonde rushes in, tramples over the ex-girlfriend who is then stomped into a bloody mess by the guy.

Party Hat – A large black gorilla runs onscreen and gives the guy a party hat. The girl wonders what is happening as the gorilla then proceeds to hand her a massive group of balloons which she takes in her hand. The balloons lift her quickly off the ground, leaving her dangling high up. Unable to hold on any longer, the girl loses her grip and splatters into the ground.

Plane – A smoke-billowing plane appears, tracing the form of a heart into the sky. Elated, the ex-girlfriend smiles lovingly at the guy; meanwhile, the plane continues its course, tracing a massive cross over the heart which surprises the girl. Her surprise is quickly followed by a quick vertical bifurcation as the guy cleaves her apart with a chainsaw.

Heels – The guy makes his ex sit down comfortably on a couch as he takes her shoes off. As she smiles happily appreciating the treatment, he tosses in all of her shoes into a single pile, douses it gasoline and sets all her precious shoes on fire. He then triumphantly runs around as the girl is left crying all over the floor.

Brick – The guy is handed a brick and tools to lay down a wall –which he quickly does. The ex-girlfriend watches him as he builds a fort around himself, leaving only a small hole in her direction. She leans in, waves, and is promptly replied to by a massive blast that blows her to smithereens.

Laptop – Our final item of torment; the guy takes his laptop in his hands and proceeds to whack his ex-girlfriend with it. Whack after bloody whack, she quickly ends up as a beaten up pile on the floor.

Like many of the other whack games, and there have been a fair few just check out the first - Whack Your Boss and the most recent Whack the Burglars to see where the series has gone.

A Good Way to Pass the Time

For a stress reliever type game, Whack Your Ex has done plenty in terms of delivering good humor and matching it with really good visuals. It’s one of the many games that can be played at Angry Games. The animations are smooth and the violence depicted is well done, this means that this is something that you can appreciate even if you are already seething with anger. If you have disliked a guy or a girl badly enough to think ill of them, then this is the perfect game to vent out your feelings with.